The G3TPW CobWebb Specification

Covers all 5 Bands.  Gives a low SWR resonance on the 14, 18, 21, 24 and 28 MHz bands. The SWR at the band edges is mainly reactive, i.e. the resistive component is still near 50 ohms, so auto and simple ATUs can match it with low loss. Over 95% radiation efficiency on all bands! Have you ever seen this spec mentioned by other manufacturers?

Omni-directional.  Talk to all the world, without the need for a rotation system.

Absolute Minimum of EMC Problems.  Vastly reduced interference on both transmit and receive due to pure horizontal polarisation and confined electric field.

50 ohm Single Co-ax Feed.  Built in co-axial choke balun to prevent feeder radiation. Standard PL259 plug on end of short lead. Feedbox and resonators all pre-assembled.

No Compromise Performance.  Full size half wave dipole on each band, without nulls!

Fibre Glass Construction.  Flexible so no metal fatigue problems in windy locations.

Simple Assembly.  Fix fibre glass sections together. All screw holes pre-drilled. All elements pre-tuned, just uncoil them and fix to spreaders. No adjustments needed.

Small Size and Weight.  Only 2.6 metre (8.5 feet) sides and 6 kg (14 lbs) weight when assembled. 1 metre maximum length parts for low cost world wide delivery.

Easily Erected.  V bolt fixing to mast of up to 58 mm (2.25 inch) diameter. Can be fixed to 20 foot scaffold pole, which can then be pulled up to the wall bracket with rope.

160 Km/hour (100 mph) Wind Survival.  As long as the mast/support can take it!

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