What is artificial intelligence? Back in the early 50’s there were two people who describe artificial intelligence as any task or work performed by a machine or program that if we humans make the same action needs to use our intelligence to finish it. AI is mostly used today on our gadgets, for example, SIRI on iPhone is one of the most famous AI’s that we have it can be your guide as it answers your questions. The next generation of AI are those that can do physical tasks, use your wood chisel, saw or even make rationale decisions by itself.

There are two kinds of AI the narrow AI and the general AI. Narrow AI is what we encounter in every day of our lives in the computer, systems that can perform a specific task without explicitly program how to do it. It is also capable of speech and language recognition, it is the type of machine intelligence that SIRI on your Apple phone use. It is also capable of making your car auto-drivel. Unlike humans, these technologies can only do things they are programmed and design to do that is why they come up with the name narrow AI, added jvlgroup.co.uk.