The block chain technology is one of the most genius invention ever made, even more so than a robotic lawnmower. But what is block chain technology? The block chain technology helps you allow digital information to be distributed but the information is impossible to be duplicated or copied, it created the core of the new generation internet.

It is originally made for the use of digital currency but IT practitioners are now finding ways to make this FinTech more useful to us people.

Bitcoin is very famous nowadays its value rises up to approximately 10 billion US dollars. Block chain helps these kinds if the company to create other types of digital value. Using block chain does not need to have a very deep study to use it, you just have to know the basics and it is very easy to use. You can even use blockchain to buy things at Once a Baby, signalling the progression of the coin.

With the embedded data transparency and high security, block chain technology is highly reliable for economic transactions. It has been utilized not only in the business sector but for everyday living.

It has proved itself to be durable and reliable for almost 30 years, and it still continues to be developed.