To clarify what ‘daily wear’ contact lenses are, they are contact lenses which can be worn every day (but not when asleep), then discarded each fortnight, to be replaced with new ones. They are becoming increasingly popular in 2020, so here are some key things to know in order to help you decide to invest in some.

  1. Confusion

The first thing to note is that there is a difference between the term ‘daily wear’ and ‘daily disposable’. The former, ‘daily wear’, adheres to the definition above. The second, ‘daily disposable’, means they can be worn for just one day and then thrown away, especially acuvue oasys 1 days to be replaced by another pair the next day. Actually, ‘daily wear’ contacts in 2020 can be replaced either each day, each week, each month, or each quarter, so make sure you know exactly which ones are suitable for you. To make matters even more potentially confusing, it sometimes is the case that ‘daily wear’ contacts are called ‘disposable’ even though they are not ‘daily disposable’. Just be crystal clear in your mind what your priorities are when purchasing.

  1. Throw away culture

This term is inherently unattractive in 2020; however, when it comes to miniscule contact lenses, the more you throw them away and replace them the healthier and less risky they can be. For example, substances such as lipids, calcium, and protein are normal and natural ingredients in human tears. However, they can lead to deposits which make wearing contact lenses less and less comfortable over time. Cleaning is certainly helpful but is never 100% effective, and so the best way to ensure maximum hygiene and comfort is to throw them away more often.

  1. New technology

For many years it has been widely understood that to replace contacts lenses regularly was the best thing to do; however, the expense of doing so made this a less attractive option. In 2020, manufacturers are able to mass produce high quality lenses which can be replaced often and do not break the bank. The viability of buying ‘daily wear’ or ‘daily disposable’ contacts has never been more affordable and you can be confident that the quality has never been better.

  1. Cost

The relative cost of daily contact lenses must be carefully weighed up against the cost of cleaning solutions. If you purchase longer lasting monthly contacts you will have to purchase a greater volume of cleaning solution. However, if you buy daily contact lenses you won’t have to invest in cleaning solution at all. It might depend on how often you wear contacts and how vital they are for your daily life.